A Quick Idea in Reverse: A Reverse Mortgage Isn’t a Last Resort!

  • April 15, 2019

Please look at the credentials and the achievements of the author of the linked article, Dr. Jamie Hopkins.  Many of you know him or of him.  He certainly qualifies as an expert to pay attention to.  Yet we know that many advisors are actually purposely screened from these facts!  Maybe the fact that FINRA has formally removed language that refers to reverse mortgages as a “last resort” will encourage you to approach the use of housing wealth in a retirement plan with a fresh and open mind.

Also please note that the research and material is directed primarily at advisors whose clients are more likely to be in the distribution phase as opposed to the accumulation phase.

Would you like to see case studies that support superior results across many demographics when mortgage payments are eliminated?  Please call me and I’ll provide many of them.  You and your clients will benefit. 

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