A Solution For Long Term Healthcare

  • February 5, 2016

This is a constant theme of mine, so please forgive my repetitious message about the accelerating acceptance of the HECM (reverse mortgage) program.  For years my main job has been to convince seniors, their families, financial planners, lawyers, Realtors and others that no, the bank will not own your home!  No, the heirs will never be left holding the bag.  No, the cost of these loans is not necessarily more than other mortgage transactions and no, your house will not be gone if you need a trip to the hospital!  There are many other misconceptions…..too many to cover here.

Lately, to my great satisfaction, people are beginning to understand the program and proclaim its advantages.  So I repetitiously bring them to you attention.  Like a kid in a candy store pointing gleefully at the many delicious treats available!  The latest piece of candy I want to point out is about funding healthcare late in life.  Please take a look here.