A Tool with Many Uses

  • April 22, 2014

Over the years that I have originated HECM loans, each client has been different.  Each has had different goals and different circumstances.  That’s just one of the reasons I love what I do!  Problem solving is immensely satisfying.  Fortunately I have at my disposal a wide array of government guaranteed HECM loans.  I am able to fit a product to the client’s needs and circumstances, not the other way around.

For this week’s newsletter I want to show several of the many uses for a HECM loan.  You will notice that one use is for purchasing a home.  This is one of the best kept secrets of home financing.  But savvy Realtors and Builders of 55-plus communities are getting on board every day.  Contact me for a presentation that will grow sales for sure!

Here is a list of some of the ways that the HECM program is helping people in ever increasing numbers: HECM Can Help