Avoiding Poverty

  • February 17, 2014

There is a mountainous and growing body of evidence that a large number of current and soon to be retirees are facing a serious lack of funding.  The arithmetic does not lie.  I believe that it is not overstating this scary condition when I call it a calamity.  Pick your scary word and unfortunately, it applies.  If you need evidence just ask me and I can send you respected study after study  that paints the sad picture.

Fortunately, Financial Planners, Elder Law Attorneys, CPA’s, Bankers, Loan Officers and Realtors are among the burgeoning group of professionals who now recognize that planning retirement without including housing wealth is fundamentally flawed.  Please click here to see the included article by perhaps the most learned expert on using home equity through the HECM Program from FHA.

Remember also that the program can be used to purchase existing or new homes while retaining retirement funds and living mortgage payment free for the rest of the buyers’ lives.  It’s very easy to qualify for and is a boon to Realtors and Builders.  Ask me for the stats and testimonials.  Just click on Reverse for Purchase from my home page and download the Buyers Guide.  Then call me I’ll help put it to work for you.