Buying a Home With a Reverse Mortgage

This concept is probably brand new to you.  If not, you are one of only a fraction of 1% of either consumers or professionals who serve seniors that have even heard of it.  It’s called the HECM for Purchase or H4P for short.  This is a much newer and different program that started in 2009. The HECM for refinancing  has been around since 1988.  Over a million households have used the traditional HECM loan but the H4P is a secret to most.  What a shame!  Learn more about this game changer that allows seniors to own their dream home for a down payment of 55% or so (age driven) with no required monthly mortgage payments for the rest of their lives.  As with all HECM products, homeowners are responsible for real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance and any HOA or condo fees.  Please see more on this site by going to the HECM for Purchase tab here.  Check out A Purchase Story!