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You have come to the right source! Bob Adams, NMLS #506505, takes a personal approach to educating folks about this amazing financial tool. Education is more important than ever now that sweeping changes have been made and the most dramatic change ever for the program went into effect on April 27, 2015. Bob is well versed in every aspect of this program and has the patience to be sure that you understand it fully. The misapplication of this program can be very costly today and in the future.

The benefits of this program became clear to Bob after a Reverse Mortgage generated very positive results for his own family. With a professional background in securities and financial planning, Bob went over the program with a fine toothed comb, searching as a son and a brother would for the negatives that might lay in wait. As Bob tells it, he “could find no holes” in the program as it applied to his family’s situation. For his family, the reverse mortgage program was a great blessing! So much so that four years ago at 58 years old Bob changed careers so he could bring the peace of mind and freedom that the program offers to others. It is the appropriate, suitable application of the program that is so satisfying to Bob. It’s hard to spend much time with Bob without him telling you that he has the best job in the world. And you will see that he means it!

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