Equity Growth Regardless of Market

  • May 13, 2014

Those familiar with my posts over the last year or so may have noticed a theme that keeps coming up as we explore the HECM world is the need based application v. the planning based application of this remarkable government program.  The article I bring to your attention today presents a very good explanation and case for the planning based application of a HECM.  I like to refer to this particular tool as a “stand-by” HECM.  Please read it and try to think of any other financial tool that compares.  There is none.  I have spent 30 years dealing with all kinds of financial instruments.  I have known of this one for several years now and I still have to pinch myself to realize that it is real!

We can still help many people who need to use the equity in their homes to extinguish a traditional mortgage and a debilitating monthly payment.  There are many other needs based situations that lend themselves to the use of a HECM.  I just want you to see what has the Financial Advisor community all abuzz!  Where else can a homeowner be guaranteed to be able to take out a sum of money from their home no matter what the market value is?  If you establish the growing line of credit available at today’s value, that rising sum is always available no matter what!  Worried about another 2008 market plunge?  Worried about inflation?  Get immunity!  I can show you how.

Don’t forget our HECM for Purchase Program.  There are many ways that we can help!  I am available to present solutions and answer questions for you or your organization.

Read the full article here.