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flag001I’m Bob Adams and I speak with many seniors who inquire online about various subjects that they are curious about, including reverse mortgages.  Making that inquiry should not subject them to a barrage of phone calls and FedEx packages!  Being curious does not mean they are ready to make such an important decision.  They are gathering information and want to proceed at their own pace.  Yet way too often I hear complaints about aggressive tactics and unpleasant experiences.  I’ve been working with American seniors concerning financial decisions for 30 years.  I know what their mindset is at the outset of their inquiry.  I’m a senior myself so I can identify.

Your inquiry here will result in an email with a real quote.  You will get a phone call from me, Bob Adams, an expert whose mission is to inform.  There is so much misinformation and so many myths out there that I am passionate about setting folks straight and honestly and accurately answering all questions.

The information I ask for here is all absolutely necessary to generate an accurate response to you.  Please do not withhold information or disguise it.  You are cheating yourself.

Your inquiry will never be shared with anyone else, period!  Unlike other sites, I do not and never will sell your inquiry to several lenders so that they can harass you.  That’s a promise.  The reason that people get bombarded with annoying calls and emails is because other sites do offer your inquiry to several lenders for profit.  That will not happen here.

Here you will have a much more pleasant and informative experience!  You may want to look at what other people who have asked me for help have to say right here.

Often I will be able to respond with a quote immediately, but sometimes it may take a few hours to get a quote back to you so please be patient.  Again, this is not a site where a lot of people are busy distributing your “lead” for profit without providing what you are asking for.  I answer personally.  A delay probably means that I am meeting with a couple or family to further my mission to inform.  I am near you or you would not have been directed to my page.  Especially now with new rules in place, anything other than a face to face meeting if you decide to learn more is inviting disaster.  This is not something to be done with an 800 number and a FedEx package.  There are too many versions and nuances.

So with confidence borne of my reputation and my promises to you, please provide the following information.  Incomplete forms will tie my hands from responding to you.  I want to get you accurate info.


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