Half Price Housing for Seniors

  • March 25, 2015

As spring arrives ( swear it will!) and buyers blossom, be aware of an amazing source of FHA purchase money.  It is remarkable how few people know about this!  Those that know it and use it are at a tremendous advantage when working with buyers age 62 or over.  And don’t forget, now we can accommodate and protect younger spouses.  Qualifying for this financing is a far, far cry easier than traditional financing.  Let’s talk about your “can’t help” potential buyers.  We can get them done.

This financing applies to re-sales and to new construction.  If you have a connection with a 55-plus builder you can demonstrate that the program has increased sales by 30% in such communities.  Of those additional sales, 85% would not have otherwise qualified!  And here is music to a builder’s ears…..97% of those buyers bought every single option the builder offered!  If you don’t have such a connection let’s go get one together.

Be a hero to builders and to your senior buyers while you increase the average home price that you sell.  Let me explain how to you or your group!  Please explore this concept here and give me a call!