Little Known Purchase Money

  • March 17, 2014

Gain a huge advantage by discovering and using the H4P (HECM for Purchase) Program.  This ridiculously easy to qualify for FHA purchase money program is relatively new and virtually unknown to Realtors and Builders.  But here is what it is doing to new home sales for buyers age 62 or older:  Sales are up 30%.  85% of those buyers would not have qualified without this financing.  96% of those otherwise lost buyers purchase every builder option!  Similar results are seen in resale purchases.  Clients can buy much more home for their money and preserve assets by using much less cash.  Realtors’ commissions are much higher when this program is used.

You need to know about this.  Become the one that brings deals to the closing table that others are not able to.  Call me for a Lunch and Learn at your office or an individual session.  Please look at my web site under the Reverse for Purchase tab.  Also take a look at this article.  This is amazing stuff.