Missing a Big Piece of the Puzzle?

  • August 7, 2016

CBS News recently highlighted what astute financial advisors and informed senior citizens now plainly see.  Leaving home equity out of the retirement planning puzzle will make the puzzle very difficult to complete with the best results.  Several of the concepts described in the CBS article are not easy to understand but they did a fair job of at least mentioning most of the key points.  Any professional who deals with seniors will serve them much better if they have at least a conversational knowledge of utilizing housing wealth in retirement planning.  Where appropriate it can be examined with me to see if it might be a part of that big puzzle.  The program I can bring to bear will allow choices when it comes to liquidating assets under management by Financial Advisors.  For Realtors, it will also produce cash and allow older buyers of homes to own twice what they thought they could with no mortgage payments.  No kidding.  Call me to discuss this very important aspect of creating an enjoyable retirement.  The CBS News article is here.