New Trends and a New Website

  • November 3, 2013

A clear and accelerating trend in the reverse mortgage world is the utilization of the HECM products in a financial planning scenario.  Many elderly Americans need and can still be served by the program to alleviate a current financial condition.  However the use of these government insured home equity loans is now becoming widely recognized as a tremendous tool for those not so much in need today, but as a part of a very advantageous strategy to fund retirement.

We wonder what took so long!  Including what is in many cases the largest single asset a retiring person or couple has in a comprehensive plan to avoid outliving assets seems elementary.  But negative, inaccurate press has long put a damper on the concept.  Many seniors have missed significant benefits because of this irresponsible, misguided dissemination of false information.

Now the tide is turning, thankfully.  Financial Advisers and other professionals who influence our rapidly growing elderly population are finally “getting it”.  They have only recently been presented with accurate information.  And we can’t blame it solely on the press.  Our industry, those of us responsible for offering the benefits, must share blame in the dearth of compelling PR.

But there’s no sense crying over spilt milk.  Things really are looking up!  HUD has instituted sweeping changes that ensure the program more responsibly meets the needs of borrowers.    Articles like this one are opening more and more eyes to a wonderful financial tool:

You might notice that An Idea In Reverse From Bob Adams is now housed on  Please browse around on this revamped site.  It’s still a work in progress but we hope you find it helpful.   Realtors and Builders will certainly want to explore the Reverse for Purchase section.