Not A One Trick Pony

  • October 23, 2015

I absolutely love baseball and played it into my 40’s.  From hiding a transistor radio under my pillow as a child to listen to the Washington Senators to using the DVR on every Nat’s game now (well at least until we were eliminated), it has been a constant in my life and a strong passion.  So I’ve got two questions for you.  One about baseball and one about my other strong passion….helping seniors to improve their lives through the HECM reverse mortgage program.   Here you go:  In baseball, how many ways are there to score from third base other than a hit?  In the reverse mortgage world, how many beneficial uses can you come up with?  You’re on your own for the baseball question, and feel free to email me with your answer!  For the reverse mortgage question, you will find some answers here.