Real Estate Agents & Reverse Mortgage

As a real estate professional who works with older buyers and sellers, you will help yourself and your clients by being conversant enough about the HECM program to recognize an opportunity and refer it to me. We will work together to achieve your clients’ goals and make you a hero in the process! I can’t begin to describe here all the circumstances that would benefit from a reverse mortgage when clients over age 62 are involved. Even if you are not listing or finding a new home for a client, you have established relationships with many people as a trusted advisor I’m sure. They will come to you for advice. There is a huge amount of misinformation and myths out there about the HECM reverse mortgage program. Please be informed in order to help people avoid that bad information. That adds great value to that relationship. And knowing about it yourself enough to recognize opportunities for your business is also of great value. Let’s talk about how using a gift from the home equity of parents or grandparents can get your buyers qualified and close the deal. Or how you can free up cash for your clients to qualify for and buy a vacation home. It goes on and on. But when it comes to cashing in on knowledge that your competition is lacking, you must find out about how we can partner together on the HECM for Purchase, or H4P! Go to that section of my site and explore the drop-down items. I’m not given to hyperbole, but this little known, easy to qualify for FHA financing can have a dramatic impact on your career immediately. Your clients will love you for it and you will sell more and higher priced homes. Have a look right here.