I recently worked with Bob Adams on my reverse mortgage. He was very helpful and patient with me during the entire process. He kept in contact with me a few times a week letting me know what information he needed or updating me on the process. Every time I called him, if he wasn't able to answer he would either return my call within minutes or send and email explaining why he could not answer, letting me know when he'd be available. I appreciated this immensely, because people are normally so busy working they aren't focused on the customer/client. Bob was a pleasure to work with and is an asset to the company he works for. I felt he was very responsible, attentive, knowledgeable, and detail oriented with me and his work. He has a strong work ethic with in todays world is hard to find. I am thankful to have worked with Bob and would recommend him to all my friends and family.

Valerie Lynn W.

I had the pleasure of having Bob Adams, Retirement Funding Solutions (RFS) work with me in getting a HECM.  He is a very professional gentleman. Even though I felt the HECM would definitely work in my favor, this was a huge deal for me.  I gave it a lot of thought and took my time in deciding.  Bob was patient with me.  This is one of the reasons that I think so highly of his professionalism.  I wanted to deal with a person face to face and he was just the right one.  The stack of papers I needed to look over (“Borrower’s Copy) looked like the size of the Yellow Pages. I admit it was very intimidating.  Bob brought the document to me, took time and reviewed that thick document page by page with me, down to the smallest detail.  I know I asked a lot of questions, mostly because this is my home and this decision was a big one.  Even with my inquisitive self, Bob was very patient and didn’t seem to mind my asking questions, even though some were repetitive.  He understood and encouraged me to take my time.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.  This depicts his people-caring demeanor. He even came to the Settlement with the Notary being present, and still explained what I was signing and asked if I had questions or needed explanations on anything.  He thoroughly went way beyond what I think was the typical call of duty, to help me in what I felt was the biggest decision of my life.  He was a God-send.  I really appreciated that.


I want to thank you so much for helping me obtain a reverse mortgage. From the time my son & I met you, you made us very comfortable  & you answered all of our questions. The worksheets you brought along also helped a great deal. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end, plus it was all done in a timely manner. It was a great experience & I thank you again for all your help.


I became interested in reverse mortgages after seeing several television ads.  Doing some research heightened my curiosity so I applied on line for more information and was contacted by Bob Adams. Mr. Adams was very informative and answered my many questions with a lot of patience. I asked him to meet with my daughter and explain the reverse mortgage to her and he did so to her satisfaction.  He was so thorough that the whole process went smoothly and was done in a quick and efficient manner.  I give him the highest of recommendations.  He was a pleasure to work with.


I am writing you Bob to tell you how grateful my family and I are for your help and patience.  The extensive remodeling project on our home has long been a dream for us.  Now it is a reality and only through you was it possible.  As you of all people know, there were many challenges in qualifying our 60 year old home for a government insured reverse mortgage.  Bob I am convinced that no one else would have made this happen.  Another lender dropped the ball as soon as they ran into the first obstacle!  You saw us through every challenge in a determined and effective way and we are so blessed to have had you as our advocate through the entire process.  Thank You!


I have to share with you what happened yesterday evening.  I went to Joan’s last evening to do a final check on her before I leave town today.  I explained that you had been able to complete the reverse mortgage without any additional work on her part (and I did not elaborate any further about what had taken place since we were at her house).  I just said that thanks to your hard work, the reverse mortgage had been completed and that she would be able to stay in her home for many years to come.  She looked at me with this huge smile, threw her arms around and said Thank you “Beckie for helping me”.  Bob, that is huge.  I have not seen Joan express any animated emotion in a very long time, much less be able to hug anyone or say thank you!  She was just very ecstatic!  We have taken a very big concern off of her.  So if you ever need a testimonial…here it is!!!


After six months of research and counseling, I decided that a reverse mortgage was the right direction to go in light of my situation. But who to turn to? I knew I wanted an “in-person” experience–no phone or e-mail advice. And then there was Bob! As I discovered on line, his company had the best “deal”. Over those six months Bob quietly kept checking in with me to see if I had any questions. No hard sell. The decision was easy. Mine was a little more complicated. My house was in a trust and my husband unable to be an active part of the process. Bob made it work! Countless trips to my home, many cups of coffee and always more information and answers to my endless questions. We could not have done it without you Bob!


Adams was recommended by my family’s attorney to assist with obtaining a reverse mortgage loan for a family member in northern Virginia.  Not being familiar with this type of transaction I was extremely pleased to have Bob guide us through the process.  Not only is he professional and knowledgeable, he made himself available for all my questions with prompt responses and a very courteous manner.  I live 3,000 miles away in California, which I thought might make the process a real challenge, but Bob reassured me by frequent communication and seamless completion of the process.  His friendly demeanor has made this seemingly arduous task much less complicated.  I would recommend him without reservation for anyone seeking expertise in this arena.


Looking back at the circumstances involved in having Bob Adams recommended to us and subsequently applying and obtaining our reverse mortgage...I steadfastly believe Divine Intervention was definitely involved. I have been the 24/7 caregiver for my "significant other", George Sutton, for nearly eighteen years now. His serious chronic medical issues have gradually increased, especially in the last few years. In 2012, it became necessary to begin kidney dialysis, a very costly lifelong medical intervention. He has become more handicapped in many ways; I find myself now in the position of primary financial decision maker as well as caregiver. Increased financial medical expenses and other associated costs associated with his care have place a great strain on our retirement plans and budget causing great concern, stress, and frustration for me.

Enter Bob Adams! A trusted friend, in whom I confided regarding our financial dilemma, highly recommended Bob Adams. I was informed that Bob was now only specializing in reverse mortgages after a very successful financial career in other areas. While in the process of assisting his elderly father with his finances, Bob discovers, to his amazement, this financial program created for "seniors" looking for financial relief called the "Reverse Mortgage". After assisting his father through the process, Bob told me that he realized there were most likely numerous other seniors and families of seniors unaware of the "best kept secret" in providing peace and a sense of financial well being for retirees. In writing this testimonial, I hope to "help spread the word" to my fellow seniors keeping Bob at the helm to steer them in the right direction.

Throughout the lengthy, laborious, sometimes confusing and stressful paper filled process, (think, "buying a house"), Bob remained professional, patient, kind, thorough, considerate, attentive to every detail, and time constraint. Literally, he "held our hands" throughout the entire process. he courteously and patiently answered all our questions and concerns promptly either in person, by phone or email; miraculously we completed the process with just hours to spare before the deadline.

I am a woman of great faith who came to realize Bob Adams is a man of great faith as well. His path crossing with ours at such a perfect time was not coincidence, rather one of those little miracles in life so often showered upon us, often unrealized and unnoticed. I realized, noticed and uttered a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving. Bob Adams is a man of integrity, honesty and complete dedication to serving his client to the best of his abilities and in their best interests. I recommend him with complete faith and no reservation to all of you, my fellow retirees, who may find yourselves in a similar situation to ours at this milestone of your lives.

Arlene & George

Working with Bob Adams through the process of my grandmother getting a reverse mortgage couldn’t have been easier.  When we initially met with Bob, I was somewhat skeptical about reverse mortgages and wanted to ask questions and get the facts on how reverse mortgages work.  Bob was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage and to answer all of our questions.   Not once in that initial meeting did we ever feel any pressure from Bob to make a decision or sign any papers.  Once we decided to go forward, Bob was very accommodating to my grandmother and guided us through the entire process.  Never once did he pass us on to anyone else.  He worked with us from start to finish.  Bob is very honest, believes in what he does, and is in the business because he truly has a heart for helping people.  I would  highly recommend Bob to anyone considering a reverse mortgage.


I wish to have my comments serve as accolades for a truly professional Reverse Mortgage Consultant, BOB ADAMS. From my initial inquiry into reverse mortgages, Mr. Adams displayed a unique disposition by his immediate response to my questions as well as quickly following up with more detailed answers by phone or a personal visit.  I felt it very important to meet with the person helping me. I feel very fortunate in my choice of consultants.  Mr. Adams displayed professionalism at all times by his expertise in all aspects of reverse mortgages and his reassurance that any concerns I may have would be met in a timely manner. I must say the outcome was efficient even to the closing.  Mr. Adams even took the time to come to the financial closing in case I had any questions.  I would highly recommend  BOB ADAMS to anyone seeking a financial solution in obtaining a reverse mortgage.


Bob Adams, with kindness and knowledge, guided me through the decision to apply for a reverse mortgage, and then acted with determination to get the job done. Initially, he met with me and explained everything, including the latest Federal guidelines and laws. He offered me information, without any pressure on me to decide to go for the reverse mortgage. After I applied, he kept me informed about how the process was moving forward and when to expect what: for instance the appraisal. There were problems with the location of the second (major) well, and he researched the county regulations to find that the well could be accepted within the HUD guidelines. I own a second piece of land, adjacent, and I did not know if this was one deed or two. He researched that and made sure that small property was in the appraisal. He travelled to my home (meaning a motel night for him) for the closing. The Notary public said that it is extremely rare for the reverse mortgage representative to attend closings. Again, during the closing, Bob answered my questions with concern that I understand and agree with all. I highly recommend him to assist with understanding and bringing to completion a reverse mortgage.

Marcia C

My husband and I had considered a reverse mortgage but had heard several negative stereotypes on the subject. Then we learned a friend and neighbor was looking into the subject. A trusted friend as well as her financial advisor had recommended Bob Adams of Retirement Funding Solutions. She was sufficiently impressed to introduce Bob to us and we are certainly glad she did. We met with Bob and he listened to our concerns, allayed our misconceptions and pointed out in a straightforward manner the advantages of this method of using home equity. All three meetings with Bob took place in the comfort and privacy of our own home. At the third meeting we were convinced that a reverse mortgage was our best option, giving us financial peace of mind. Incidentally, our friend signed up too! We thank Bob for looking out for us and we consider him a true friend.

Joan & Richard

Thank you so much for your excellent assistance with my very recent home reverse mortgage application, process, and approval. I was very comfortable working with you because of your wonderful personality mixed with your superior knowledge of reverse mortgages. Before we met, I was a skeptic. You made certain that I fully comprehended all the facts and showed me how much money I would save monthly with absolutely no more mortgage payments while continuing to remain the owner of my home. I am thrilled I got to meet and work with you. I highly recommend you to all other senior citizens who would like to learn the facts about reverse mortgages from a true professional who knows the subject inside-out and provides assistance with absolutely no pressure. Take care.


When I decided to look into getting a reverse mortgage, I did a Google search on the web for the best reverse mortgage companies. The more research I did the more confused I became as to who I should contact to start the process. I decided to consult a mortgage consultant that I had worked with in the past for his recommendation. The mortgage consultant recommended Bob Adams. Bob turned out to be very knowledgeable, professional, patient and worked diligently throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure working with Bob and I highly recommend him.


Bob Adams was a tremendous help to me regarding a Reverse Mortgage. He was always available and answered my questions in a manner easily understood. Many, many thanks Bob!


I would like to thank you for all your hard work with getting me my reverse mortgage.  Your professional attitude and work ethic was outstanding.  Guiding me through the process was exceptional and the process seemed effortless! I now consider you a good friend. And thank you so very much for pointing out my eligibility for property tax relief and walking me through the application for it  That alone saved me over $4000 a year immediately.


Thank you for all of your help, support, and guidance through this reverse mortgage process. Without you as agent, I never would have made it through the process. You gave your personal attention to every step. There were several times when I was ready to “threw in the towel” which I am sure you were aware of. Yet with your knowledge and advice, it did come together. I doubt anyone else would have given such personal attention.


Thank you for your great expertise and encouragement during the reverse mortgage process.  Your patience and kindness were greatly appreciated.


Dear Bob: There were many ads on TV for reverse mortgages. I lucked out when I picked one at random and got you! Thank you for being so helpful, for answering all my questions in a timely fashion and always being so friendly and kind. You never made me feel like I was bothering you! Many thanks!

Larry & Colette

Mr. Adams, my wife and I would like to thank you for your hard work and doing the work you love to do. I know that there are times that you tire from this, but you keep pushing yourself to do the best job you can for your soon to be friends. My wife and I are blessed to meet you, not as an agent but as a person that cares about the job you do. So for me and my wife we would like to say keep on doing what makes you happy and content with making your people happy and living the life they deserve.

Jerry & Hester

I am thankful for my Reverse Mortgage. I was able to pay my old Mortgage off and I have some extra money coming in every month. Bob was with me every step of the way and always kept me up to date. Thank you Bob.


(We) would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping us to apply for a reverse mortgage loan. The process was long but you made it bearable and easy. Your patience, dedication, knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated. I would recommend Bob Adams to anyone whose looking for a reverse mortgage. He truly knows his business.

Thurman & Marguerite

We view Bob Adams as the person who rescued us from a stressful reverse mortgage situation with another Lender.  After one meeting with Bob, he came across as honest, well-informed, and equipped to give us info that we had not been informed about earlier.  We were already prepared, right up to the deadline, to settle with a company that had jerked us around, repeatedly.   Thanks for your efforts, Bob, and the fact that “what you said you would do, you always did”.   You have our recommendation.

Ed & Peggy

As one of Bob’s most recent clients, I would like to commend him for a job well done. He was able to give me as much credible information on this reverse mortgage program as best as he can; and if he did not have the answers immediately, he would diligently get the information from an authority. Thus giving me all the relevant information I needed to analyze my situation and move ahead to understand the program and ensure it made sense to me and my heirs. I would highly recommend him for his diligence and honesty.


I would also like to thank you for the professional way you presented and implemented our Reverse Mortgage process. It went just as you presented it to my wife and I and it met all of our expectations. Thank you again.

Lenny & Andrea

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