Vendors & Reverse Mortgage

Do you offer services or products to elderly Americans?  I’m willing to bet that you are missing a tremendous opportunity to increase sales and services because you have not considered mentioning me and a reverse mortgage.  The large majority of older homeowners want to age in place.  They are excellent candidates for a walk-in bath, a stair lift, a wheelchair ramp or any of hundreds of other improvements they really need in order to live in health and dignity at that treasured home.  Not to mention medical supplies and home medical care. You should hear seniors that I visit vow never to go to a retirement home!   I have helped people to make the fervent wish of aging in place come true through a HECM refinance.  Yet how many vendors know that this is an option to help folks and assure they will get paid? Typical financing for a large ticket item that is necessary like a new bathroom or a new roof requires a rate and a payment that does not fit into a fixed income budget.  Using cash is very scary to these older consumers because most of them fear running out of money. I know this to be true.  So when you get a “no” to your quote or offer of services do you have a plan to save the sale or service or must you walk away?  There are two losers in that situation: the elderly homeowner who cannot benefit from your products or services and you, the provider of such.  That’s a shame when there is a great possibility that I can help both.

Don’t try to explain a reverse mortgage to them.  You will fail. Just mention that you may have financing that will be easy to qualify for and will fit their budget.  Then call me!