What the TV Ads Don't Tell You

I'm Bob Adams, and I've seen the ads, too.

They are all over the TV… ads promoting the financial benefits and positive lifestyle changes that you will enjoy with a reverse mortgage.  The great news is that when a reverse mortgage is properly disclosed and applied, those claims are true.  The program has been a blessing for nearly 1 million elderly Americans.  However like with any financial product, there are characteristics that are not featured in those ads!  A reverse mortgage may not be right for you.  Those undisclosed characteristics are not necessarily harmful or a reason to run from a reverse mortgage, but you definitely need the full story.  That’s what Bob Adams will give you… the story.  Your information will not be shared and you will get honest, accurate info that gives you the rosy picture plus the other facts you need to know. Click here to see some testimonials or call Bob at 703-475-1555.

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