Yes It’s Possible

  • April 1, 2014

Some 30 years ago when I began a career in financial services, if you had told me that the program I am helping people with today was available I would have answered, “impossible!”   How could it be possible to use untapped equity in a client’s home to eliminate mortgage payments and establish a growing line of credit that is guaranteed by the US Government?  All tax free, to boot!  And this increasing sum of money, growing at many times what banks pay, cannot be restricted or terminated no matter what happens to the value of the home or what happens to any market. No way I could have taken that seriously.

About 4 years ago I discovered that in fact it is not impossible.  Many of my clients are right now enjoying the peace of mind and confidence in the future that comes with this amazing financial tool.

Please call me and tell me that it’s impossible!  Challenge me to demonstrate how it works.  I offer that demonstration to individuals and to groups.  How about a Lunch and Learn on me?

The “stand-by” HECM is now rapidly gaining favor among professionals who serve elderly Americans.  It is even the subject of an extensive article in the March issue of the Journal of Financial Planning.  Yes, the concept is going mainstream for financial professionals.  You can see it on my site under my See The Light post.

There is another recent article that I urge you to look at: